Tuesday, June 19, 2007


One of my thrift find is this great decorating book, published in the 70's in England. Now, if you can just get past the cover, I assure you this book is great. Got it for 50 cents and well worth it. What's true for fashion also seems true for home decor. It seems to all recycle itself after about 30 years. In some aspects, some of these rooms seem to be timeless. Look at this wonderful work space. I can see myself working in it, but then again, I'd take any work space. I'm easy.
Multiple living room scenes. I especially like that pillow like sectional (bottom right). The lady seems to be having fun walking on it while the guy seems a bit annoyed.
More multiple views of the home.
I want that big wooden hand to the left. Well, that's it. Hope you enjoyed the tour of my book. Oh, there was one more picture I really wanted to show you guys but it was a bit tad racy. Let's just say, it was like S&M meets James Bond. Those crazy Brits.

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