Thursday, June 14, 2007

gimp knit

Last Saturday night I had the misfortune of falling down our stair well. Really smart of me to try and jump the safety gate, my pant leg got caught on it and the rest is just nauseating history. You know those cartoons where the character gets hurt, oh, I don't know, like from falling down the stairs and they show them with stars around their heads. That was me, I literally saw stars. Besides giving birth, it was one of the most painful and frightening experienced. Anyways, hurt my leg bad enough that I remained on the sofa for most of Sunday. Which leads to the socks. With so much couch potato time, I finished. Mr D was kind enough to model them for me.


Shari said...

The chocolate socks look yummy! I'm guessing you are losing them to Mr D? They look good on him!

2begin2 said...

Honey...the dr perscribes that you stay off your feet for another week! ;) winkwink