Wednesday, June 27, 2007

the other knitter

My feet are always cold and like food stuck between my teeth, having frozen toes just drives me batty to no end. Thank goodness for Shari. The other (more well versed) knitter in my life. She lovingly supplies me with beautiful and warm socks. So far, I believe, she has made me over 6 pairs within the year. I literally wear the socks out to the point where there are huge holes on the toes and heel areas. One time, she even repaired one sock by cutting it where the hole was and re-knitted it. What a true friend. These above are her latest creations. Shari belong to Socks that Rock Club and I have been fortunate to be the recipient of her great work. These ones are pretty cool because they're reversible.


2begin2 said...

Hot damn those are cute!

Shari said...

You are so sweet. Is it really six pairs? I may need an intervention. They do look cute on you!